Education Planning

Education is priceless. It can change lives. We at deVere USA believe that a good education helps youngsters develop their character and skills, whilst giving them the edge that they need to get by in today's extremely competitive job market. The value we place on education has seen costs rise exponentially as a result and this may not change any time soon. Therefore, having an educational savings plan in place has never been as crucial as it is now.

Covering the cost of a well rounded and solid education requires careful and sensible financial planning. At deVere USA, we are here to aid you in mapping out your fiscal goals and ensure that all education fees are thought of well in advance. This will allow you to deal with them properly when the time comes, giving you the financial freedom, stability and peace of mind you deserve.

deVere USA will help you select the appropriate 529 college savings plan to begin contributing towards your child’s future in a tax efficient manner. These plans may offer tax free growth, tax free withdrawals, special gift tax exclusions and high contributory limits for individuals planning their children's future more importantly on a low fee and flexible basis.

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