Top 3 places to retire in America

20 May 2016

Top 3 places to retire in America

If you are looking to retire in America, here are deVere USA’s top three destinations to enjoy during your golden years.

1. Mesa, Arizona

If you’re a sun worshipper, Arizona's bright blue skies could be the perfect place for you.  Having attracted retirees to the area for years, the mild winters and dry climate are major positives as to why it topped our list.

According to Healthways, which surveyed the local people on their surroundings, the Phoenix area ranks among America’s best in terms of overall well-being. Additionally, Arizona’s cost of living is fairly low with possibly one of the lower overall tax burdens in the country, according to the Tax Foundation.

In particular, the suburb of Mesa came top, closely followed by Phoenix and Scottsdale who also posted strong individual scores. All three are home to many cultural attractions, parks and golf courses, great for keeping yourself busy during retirement.

2. Cape Coral, Florida

Earning it’s the nickname ‘Waterfront Wonderland’ with good reason, Cape Coral has over 400 miles of navigable waterways. Unsurprisingly, it’s a city on Florida's west coast that has become a haven for those with a love of boating.

If you want to enjoy sunbathing, fishing and golfing during your retirement, this is the perfect place! There’s so much to do here, so it’s clear to see why residents who took part in the Healthways study gave the Cape Coral-Fort Myers area the fifth-highest well-being score among pensioners.

Situated between Miami and Tampa, Cape Coral can experience a fair amount of rain with the occasional hurricane. However, it’s usually warm throughout the year, making it a welcome destination for many retirees from the Northeast. Crime rate in the city is also well below the national average.

3. Arlington, Virginia

Renowned for being home to America's most famous cemetery, Arlington can offer retirees more things to do than visit Civil War tombstones. With over 100 miles of trails, bike routes and paths across the city, hardly surprising that residents here have a healthy, active lifestyle, ranking high on the wellness index.

Also with a low crime rate, Arlington residents can easily get by without a car as most of the city is walkable. Areas like Crystal City, Rosslyn and Ballston are all pedestrian friendly. However, the city also has sufficient public transport, with a few metro stops in the area.

As a region, Virginia has one of the best health care systems in the country and a tax rate more favourable than the national average, which is also why it’s more appealing to expats!

If you are thinking of retiring in America and require expert advice on pensions, contact deVere USA today!