The 10 US states with the largest population

22 Jun 2016

The 10 US states with the largest population

As of July 2015, the 52 states of the United States of America made for a population of no less than 321, 418, 820 people. The figure – which now stands at some two million more - places the US as the third on the list of most populated countries worldwide. With Canada added to the equation, North America becomes the fourth most densely populated continent.

Which states in the US, though, have the highest populations? It should come as no surprise that New York, Florida and Texas all make the top 5 but would you have thought California is home to almost double the number of people that New York does?

Illinois, Pennsylvania and Ohio all rank high too with Georgia, North Carolina and Michigan propping up the top 10 list.
At the other end of the table, Wyoming has the smallest population with just 586, 107. Vermont and DC (The District) are not far off with 626, 042 and 672, 228 respectively. Alaska and the two Dakota states are also far down the list.


1.    California                39,144,818

2.    Texas                    27,469,114

3.    Florida                   20,271,272

4.    New York               19,795,791

5.    Illinois                    12,859,995

6.    Pennsylvania          12,802,503

7.    Ohio                      11,613,423

8.    Georgia                 10,214,860

9.    North Carolina        10,042,802

10.    Michigan               9,922,576

47.    South Dakota           858,469

48.    North Dakota            756,927

49.    Alaska                     738,432

50.    DC (The District)       672,228

51.    Vermont                   626,042

52.    Wyoming                 586,107


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